Thursday, July 5, 2012

Before "I do"

 I've recently headed into my twenties and have subsequently found myself in the midst of the 20th's and 21'st that seem to be springing up everywhere.My generation are coming of age and with that appears to come a certain delirium , the false notion that we are "done","peaked", "finished" , and my personal favourite ..." oh so old",
despite the fact that  most of us live at home (or our parents pay for our rent if we don't), aren't finished with our degrees and can't even pay for our own petrol ....... Yes we are dependently independent.

 I personally like the idea of being "Young, Wild and Free" (not in the illegal sense), However, I feel I belong to a minority that feel this way.

The favorite topics that seems to constantly  resurface are "marriage "( domestic bliss?) and the ever looming "ticking of the maternal clock"( damn you biology).

Why is that i'm constantly hearing that girls of my generation are wanting to be, or are engaged ?
  I'm all for falling in love, as they say if you haven't loved you haven't lived ,but are we falling head first into life ( eyes closed) ?

Your 20's are all about finding yourself , exploring who you are and who you want to be in life. A marriage is about contribution and a balance. You can't balance the books with someone else until you've actually balanced yourself and maybe that happens for some people at 21, but how many 21 year olds can you really say that about ?

 We've only just entered this door into this so called "Adulthood", So I think defining ourselves so soon may be jumping the gun though there is no time frame for finding yourself.

And yes of course I am generalizing as there are people who do pave their own way at the age of 20 and above , and should be commended for it but ask yourself this: are you truly ready to eternally compromise at this age ?

I'm not writing this post because i'm trying to be cynical or judge anyone , I'm just looking at all the options and wondering which choices will our generation be known for because at the end of the day we are "Born to blossom and bloom to perish."

This is the time of our life where we are not only laying a foundation for our futures but have the opportunity to be carefree , to make mistakes , to not be accountable for anyone but ourselves. So treat yourself well and make good choices because tomorrow is the price you pay for today.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dress like Jess

Jessica Clarke is a 19 year old model from New Zealand who has appeared on the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and London. 
I just can't seem to get enough of her style. She has the ultimate winter wardrobe. It's simple yet runway worthy and perfect for any day.
Take a look......


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer,we bid you adieu

So we can officially say bon voyage summer will see you in a few , it's time to button up,boot up and prepare for winter thrills. Let the cosy knock downs commence and the munchies sessions evolve and just because it's cold doesn't necessarily mean that hibernation is the only answer.  This isn't any ordinary typical black and grey winter. This winter is ALL ABOUT COLOR , PRINTS and everything BOLD. Check out some of the winter trends.

1. Bold colors
As there a still no signs of fading statement pieces seen on the runaway , we draw to the conclusion that colors are the choice of season which without a doubt applies to coats, bags , purses and shoes which can come in tomato red to gold,electric blue or shades of the rainbow. 

2. vaux fur vests
Faux-fur vests are a key must for the autumn/winter season. Choose a predominately neutral coloured vest for versatility and functionality.


3.Sweater dressing
A relaxed , oversized fit extends past the hips , with eye catching prints and colors. This can be worn with jeans, skirt, tights,leggings or a dress, the slouchy silhouette goes with everything.

4. Prints
Bold prints have been adopted by previous seasons. star prints are quite a popular trend ( and my personal favorite trend) at the moment as well as any other bright geometric patterns , preppy prints and polka dots

Love is fashion and fashion is love 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tied Up

I'm loving the versatility of the tie neck blouse and it's ability to be really chic , eccentric or preppy by mixing and matching garments but remember with this look less is always more. Remember the one to one ratio , one fabulous feature means holding back a little on something else. It's truly retro - inspired elegance, it's like having a key accessory already built in to your look.

Bow tied they feel prim and poised ; undone they're just a little sexier.

 Try pair it with some flats , leggings and oversize bag or if your wanting something fun for a night out - look for a flowy dress version and wear it with a belt or a Pencil skirt.

Fashion is love 

ex oh ex oh

Saturday, March 10, 2012


A week ago I headed off to Jo'burg to spend time with my much loved Aunt and Cousins. 
During the course of the weekend we visited ZARA( which was seriously overdue).

 Myself and my lovely assistants/Cousins ( Tazkiyah 7 years old ,Ameerah 5 years old) took the store by storm;Shoes , bags and Clothing galore.

The girls and I almost died and went to retail heaven. The hype was everything & more and affordable to top it off. 
Shoppaholics the mothership has landed and it seems she has great shoes.
To add to the excitement it seem's somebody closed their eyes , clicked their heels and made a wish because ZARA will be arriving at the V&A Waterfront here in Cape Town( FINALLY).

Happy weekend everyone. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Teal – is a strong, blue toned green which suggest ocean depths and the color of the sky as daylight descends into darkness. 

I have become quite obsessed with teal lately and all different shades of green.
  I love how this deep blue-green shade highlights all skin tones and is a universally flattering color.

It goes well with neutrals, darker browns and especially black (in my opinion), I find it to be a good transitional color between summer and Autumn.

Happy Autumn.


 Custom made dress by Sara & Co

My teal top from ZARA , Custom Made Teal dress made by Sara & Co , O.P.I - Yodel me on my cell