Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things that Sparkle ....

I’ve officially become obsessed with Sequins over this holiday season as we could always rely on Christmas season to provide us with a bundle of glittery options.

Sequins have contiuned to shimmer their way into the New Year for all of Cape town's upcomming events ( J&B Met)
but to wear this trend without looking like a giant disco ball, it is important to not over-do it. Personally I would choose one glitzy piece and pair it with monochromatic colors or neutrals.
It's quite a bold statement piece so if your one those more demure ladies that find sequins are bit much for you , you can always throw in sparkling clutch( Accesorize, Nicci ,Slate , Tripple Seven,Traffic),Shoes with sequin detail ( Traffic , Tripple seven , Aldo , Zoom) and for those who love to sparkle.... head to Wardobe , The lot or Tripple Seven for sparkling sequins dresses and skirts.

So to add a little extra dazzle to your summer collection ,I advice you to jump aboard the sequin wagon.

We all need a bit of sparkle in our lives.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who wants to grow up anyway.

This past week I’ve been constantly reminded (my family and friends) that I’m heading out of  my teen years and into my twenties (Eeeek) and how I’m going to be this " young adult" or that I’m " Growing up" etc 
But i find myself  myself  frequently perplexed by what "Growing up" means because it never seems to be clear or make any coherent sense.

As kids we all believed in fairy tales but do we ever really know better?? as little girls we all had a fantasy of what life would be. In my case a big puffy, pink, marshmallow ,sparkling dress; prince charming carrying me away to some magical castle and living happily ever after ..... and then turning into a spice girl.

Do we ever grow up??  Is it actually possible??  I’ve never met anyone who’s done it, I mean think about it...... You continuously break the rules you make for yourself, Throw tantrums when things don’t go your way , whisper secrets into your best friend's ear , look for comfort wherever you can find it and like a child you continue to hope – against all your logic , against all your experience

So at the end of the day it's just responsibillity sprinkled with hope ??


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lets Switch Wardrobes?!

I’m completely obsessed with 90210 on star Gillian Zinser’s Wardobe. Her Unique sense of style has her name popping up in every magazine I see. I LOVE her quirky mix of bohemian rock and Vintage Chic ( she rocks it with her bowler hats and head bands)
Gillian describes her style as :"Cowgirl meets Pirate.Her earliets fashion memories are her addiction to overalls, Doc Martens, and the “Jem and the Lolograms” cartoon in the early 90s.

Check some pics 

Forever Bohemian Chic.

 I want that Sweater!!

 We loooooooooove this!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012


So don't get me wrong I'm all about fashion, I mean i'm the kind of girl who tries to save her money for a huge-o-mungus shopping spree , has to have good hair or else wont leave her room until she's satisfied,considers herself a shopaholic, in love with makeup and who is obsessed with the latest trends.
As much as I love suffering in my gorgeous (yet oh so painful) heels or standing in the cold in my sissy boy shorts or Latest dress , nothing seems to beat that sense of relief when you get home on a late friday night.

 Flinging off those killer heels, throwing your outfit onto the floor or over a chair (because you are way too lazy to pack it away),Snuggling up in your oldest Pj Boxers and an oversize t-shirts .
 Washing off " your evening face" ( Sometimes not even) or just waking up the next morning with last night's party facial mask( Nobody likes to wake up to Bozo the clown or being being Bozo the clown.) But in my case Applying my facial Spritzer and Cream & Brushing my teeth is a big MUST ( I thank myself in the morning)  and last but not least ......Diving into bed and blogging about the evening... Yes!!

And then comes the Post-Party-Brunch because breakfast is just too main stream ( and it's not as if you're even  awake). Coffee dehydrates you ( but speeds up your metabolism) so don't even consider it unless your are planning on having tons of water with it. Carbs is always a big must ( can't live with them and can't live without them) , Cold pizza tends to be a universal favourite but I personally like to kick off my day with cupcakes or any form of sugar overdose will do.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time for New Beginnings!

Happy New Year Everyone.
 It's time for us to start the next chapter of our lives.

Hope you all had an amazing New years eve Celebration. I sure did , I decided to stay at home this year and be with the people that really matter to me..... My family. 
Dancing around in our bedrooms , drinking red bull through twizzler candy and eating loads of junk food. 
My fab oufit for the night was my Pj's and as for the entry fee .... there wasn't one. 

it was Good, clean fun :) and great start to my new year. 

Stay blessed and always remain positive. 


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