Friday, January 6, 2012


So don't get me wrong I'm all about fashion, I mean i'm the kind of girl who tries to save her money for a huge-o-mungus shopping spree , has to have good hair or else wont leave her room until she's satisfied,considers herself a shopaholic, in love with makeup and who is obsessed with the latest trends.
As much as I love suffering in my gorgeous (yet oh so painful) heels or standing in the cold in my sissy boy shorts or Latest dress , nothing seems to beat that sense of relief when you get home on a late friday night.

 Flinging off those killer heels, throwing your outfit onto the floor or over a chair (because you are way too lazy to pack it away),Snuggling up in your oldest Pj Boxers and an oversize t-shirts .
 Washing off " your evening face" ( Sometimes not even) or just waking up the next morning with last night's party facial mask( Nobody likes to wake up to Bozo the clown or being being Bozo the clown.) But in my case Applying my facial Spritzer and Cream & Brushing my teeth is a big MUST ( I thank myself in the morning)  and last but not least ......Diving into bed and blogging about the evening... Yes!!

And then comes the Post-Party-Brunch because breakfast is just too main stream ( and it's not as if you're even  awake). Coffee dehydrates you ( but speeds up your metabolism) so don't even consider it unless your are planning on having tons of water with it. Carbs is always a big must ( can't live with them and can't live without them) , Cold pizza tends to be a universal favourite but I personally like to kick off my day with cupcakes or any form of sugar overdose will do.




  1. hahaha totally! speciali afta a gurd parti! lol cute gown btw!


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