Blah, Blah,Blah Yes i'm another blogger and welcome to my world of fun and play.

This is my little escape from the outside world , it's where we are all barbie dolls and any shoe fits.

It's a place where I take risks,speak mind and basically just have fun. 

I'm 19 going on 20 this year , I'm currently studying a business of Commerce degree majoring in marketing management  through Unisa/ Varsity College, I've just finished my first year and will be heading back to campus soon to continue with my second year. 

I ♥ The ALMIGHTY. Family & Friends. Hair. Fashion. Music. Photography. Floral prints. Paris. Vintage. . Dresses. Braids. Macarons. Ribbons. Bows. Shopping. Heels. Leather. Models. New York. Lace. Cardigans. Beaches. Gardens.Sequins.Red Bull.FTV.Life.

I love it when you : Follow,Comment, Promote, Recommend.

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