Sunday, December 18, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I was recently watching a documentary on YouTube by activist Jean Kilbourne called me "Killing us softly 4" ( the fourth installment to her award winning series of documentaries). 

It highlights the subliminal messaging that media projects , and sure this is something we all know now a days and yet we are still so convinced that it doesn't impact us ( I'm guilty too) but the sad truth is that we've all been brought up in a pop culture-whirl-wind that exempts no-one from it's influence

 I don't know a single woman/ girl who hasn't spent time scrutinizing one or more "flaw" and why shouldn't they there is an entire industry founded on looks. 

Models aren't models because they're funny , smart or intelligent ( not to say that can't be or aren't) in the end the picture is all you see and sadly not all of us can live in an air brushed photo- not even the models.  

Even in blogs , non of us are trying to be ourselves...we are trying to be what we have seen in ads,cool,edgy and fashionable.

From Facebook to twitter it's all about the picture and it's not even our own picture it's something we try to imitate that we've seen in TV or in a Magazine.Each album has been morphed (as if it was meant for Elle or Vogue) and  lets not forget the splurge of indie-processed-"vintage" camera shots with nothing indie about them.( Not to say that i don't love the vintage effect)

We all photoshop , fake smile,look for our best angle ( For me it's the left side LOL)  and not just any picture will do.

 We even throw in the odd acquaintance  (kissing and hugging as if you are long lost best friends)as extras as we all want to copy-cat the "kodak moment".

and Yes I'm guilty of all of the above but at the end of the day this isn't the core problem though , it's respect for one's self and others and how we percieve ourselves and each other , it's important to know that fashion objectifies alot of things in the name of art and the awareness of this is imperative for a healthy self-image and i mean no-one is perfect and no-one is suppose to be. 
I personally would hate to live in a world full of perfect people as it sounds awufully boring.  

I personally believe in substance and style as it is a beautiful marriage. 

Have a look at this YouTube Clip by Jean Kilbourne," Killing us Softly 4"

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