Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time for New Beginnings!

Happy New Year Everyone.
 It's time for us to start the next chapter of our lives.

Hope you all had an amazing New years eve Celebration. I sure did , I decided to stay at home this year and be with the people that really matter to me..... My family. 
Dancing around in our bedrooms , drinking red bull through twizzler candy and eating loads of junk food. 
My fab oufit for the night was my Pj's and as for the entry fee .... there wasn't one. 

it was Good, clean fun :) and great start to my new year. 

Stay blessed and always remain positive. 


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  1. happy New YEAR!!!! Loorve SG

  2. Qui nytes are da best sometimes. cute blog

  3. Beautiful photos! Happy new year!

  4. <3 Dis Blog!!!!xoxo Hpy NY


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