Thursday, December 29, 2011

Series 1-the fashion eccentrics of 2011

The prettiest boy in the world

Andrej Pejic is an eccentric model that has pushed the limits of what we have seen in the past as “acceptable”

His look is so jarringly feminine and shockingly beautiful; it has intrigued fashion’s most creative photographers, editors and designers (Jean Paul Gaultier). His look is really exciting and interesting that even if you wanted to appose the idea of a man exploiting his duality … his beauty is so undeniable you almost feel as if it is his right.

Andrej says “Couture. I would wear it to the supermarket — make a chore interesting, glamorize daily life,” he states. Additionally, he alludes to the fact that his style is “Golden Girls on crack.” We couldn’t agree more!

It's wonderful to see how much exposure he’s getting, I love this general idea that somehow he is breaking down a lot of expectations about gender expression and hopefully this helps other to become more opened minded.

Check out some of his pics. 


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