Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lets Switch Wardrobes?!

I’m completely obsessed with 90210 on star Gillian Zinser’s Wardobe. Her Unique sense of style has her name popping up in every magazine I see. I LOVE her quirky mix of bohemian rock and Vintage Chic ( she rocks it with her bowler hats and head bands)
Gillian describes her style as :"Cowgirl meets Pirate.Her earliets fashion memories are her addiction to overalls, Doc Martens, and the “Jem and the Lolograms” cartoon in the early 90s.

Check some pics 

Forever Bohemian Chic.

 I want that Sweater!!

 We loooooooooove this!!!


  1. totally agreed. she might be one of the cutest females ever to walk the earth!

    thanks for the visit to our blog! hope to see you back again ;)

  2. Hey, doing a promo for ur blog munks! muchos love for the link! and i tottaalllyy agree. 90210 most awsm style belongs to Zinser!

  3. for real! gets even better in the latest 90210 ssn!

  4. Beautiful pictures, i LOVE her!!

    XOXF. -

  5. Your work is so great, and so inspirational! I can't wait to continue seeing more and more of it!

  6. Totally love her now as well. Awesome post!


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