Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A lot like Love.....

So as I'm sure all you love birds know that yesterday was Valentines day.
Yes it's a day of celebrating Love. 
I personally spent my day studying and making study notes , (Yes I know how romantic)I know that might sound cynical but my love of my goals is my love and valentines day is about being with people and things you love and my dreams and aspirations ( and my family and friends) are exactly that right now.  

Love is the air
Check out the sugar lovin' my mom got me for v-day

( My Grandparents on their wedding day)


  1. sweeeetttt! but i can't belv u spent val studying . belch lol

  2. ADORE ur BLOG! valentines day is a fun one XXoo Cupcake looks scrumptious

  3. UR gran is sssoooo purdy!


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