Friday, February 3, 2012

The wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune , Signifies a reversal in fortune and teaches that there is nothing permanent except change , it indicates ups and downs ; wins and losses ; Successes and failures in life.

The wheel of fortune is very relevant in my life at this very moment as my life is continuously changing( and more rapidly than usual) and I suppose heading back to varsity made this whole "change scenario" more apparent to me.

Every new year is a fresh start but doesn't always mean it's particularly easy to leave the past behind especially when you have face to it everyday whether it be your ex , or friend who you've had some kind of quarrel with or something that reminds you of the past. 

It can be extremely difficult to embrace change as it is a bitter sweet situation. 

I'd like to think of change as a metaphor for rebirth , a second a chance but at the same time it's all a part of our mindset , when we change the world around us changes and our perspective of life becomes very different.

Some of us look back and wish we had appreciated what we had when it was there , others ask themselves " what the hell was i thinking ?" , yes this all seems to be apart of the growing up process.

 I've currently been struggling to embrace change as I always find myself re-reading previous chapters of my life but maybe a little venting done through my blogging will help get me on my way.


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  1. so true, struggles often leave us questioning the ups and downs ....GR8 POST!


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